Elisei Rapport

O hello everyone . This is Elisei Dragu Elisei again ..

First of all I can’t wait to see you again here in calarasi soon
Ok .. I want to tell you about the band (umar la umar ) trip in Oradea.

We went there for Christmas vacation for 11 days so let me tell you about that
On Christmas Day we were invited to sing in a coffee shop that is also a church and ministry and the idea of this concert was to raise some money for the homeless people in that city .. This church ( Bookafe ) give them every suterday food to more than 40 homeless people and that really touch my heart and so we played there and the money went to those for Christmas gifts … So it was a good time ..

Every time I go to Oradea I volunteer at that church during the week is a normal coffee shop and normal people come there … What do I do when I go there ?
I wash dishes I got take the order from the people and I talk to them about calarasi and about our band and i make many frieds S-o i really LOVE that ..is every time I go there I love my time there ..it feels very good we played music on the night of New Year’s Eve and also on the first day of January 🙂 when I was done with the concerts my hands hurt a lot because of drumming .. But I can say this do .. It was the best holidays of my life. A lot of people invited me to their house on Christmas and usually in Călărași every chrismas time every one is in family time and stuff like that but this year it was so awesome because I did not even have time to feel bad for myself that I don’t have my own family hahahahaha S-o it was awesomeeeee cool .. Then when i come back i was on the Mountains with 4 Canadian people that was also a very cool experience I also have a video of me snowboarding it was very interesting I fall so much I was more on the ground then on the snowboard :))))

Now I’m here in calarasi I really miss it and I go at the hope centre again and I like it a lot .. There are times when is not so easy but I’m praying that every day I come I will come with pleasure not just as a job 🙂 thank you so much for everything guys .. I really love you a lot !!!!!!

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