Nyhetsbrev fra Elisei (September)

Hi … how are you guys doing?
So lately I have been involved with the 5 day club and then we had to make it in to 3 day club because we thought it was too many days … and now we have made it in 2 day club because school has started… We did the 3 day club in (NEGOIESTI ) and because we did not have a church building we had to meet on the street … we split in small groups and we had prayed with the kids … it was a very good time.  We also did a Bible lesson each day with the kids.

I was responsible to lead and plan for these clubs and I will be doing another two or three clubs in other villages in the next weeks. I have really enjoyed doing these clubs and being with the kids; thank you so much for supporting me it’s a huge awesome cool blessing!!!

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